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'Tales From The Darkside' reboot2015-Jan-21

'Tales From The Darkside' reboot




Is it written somewhere in Hollywood that Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci must write/create EVERYTHING on every screen, large or small?


Now they're reportedly digging into the vault of George Romero's oeuvre, producing a reboot of his '80s anthology horror series Tales From The Darkside.


Let's hope it's as good. The original showcased stories from the likes of Stephen King, Clive Barker, Harlan Ellison and Fredrik Pohl (and even inspired a Darkside movie).




It's been a couple of months since AMC confirmed there would be a spin off series to its zombie hit The Walking Dead.


And why not? Ratings have tripled to about 16 million since its debut four seasons ago, making it the most watched cable show in history, and the No. 1 show period among males 18 35.


Rumours are now filtering down that the "companion series," to debut in 2015, will be a prequel. An, ahem, no brainer really. Superheroes have replaced cops and doctors as go to properties. Which is why we point you to the Dec. 3 episode of CW's Arrow, which introduces scientist Barry Allen (Grant Gustin).


That, of course, is the Flash's alter ego, and the network has already announced a Flash series starring Gustin which makes that episode effectively a pilot for Flash 2.0.


Cross promotion, thy name is Marvel. this week featured an Asgardian plot replica christian louboutin shoes with God of Thunder references, and a Norse "Berzerker" staff that makes ordinary humans act like Rob Ford at a council meeting. (The Asgardian, by the way, was played by Peter MacNicol, the Vigo obsessed professor from Ghostbusters NFL Jerseys Wholesale 2, which was a bit of a hoot.)


That ties in nicely with boss of all things Avenger Joss Whedon's admission to TV Guide this week that the show will do some "crossovers" when Captain America: The Winter Soldier is released to theatres next April.


Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury is a given.


Let's hope it's as good. The Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping original showcased stories from the likes of Stephen King, Clive Barker, Harlan Ellison and Fredrik Pohl (and even inspired a Darkside movie).

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Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis dial down feud2015-Jan-21

Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis dial down feud


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman in the second half against the Cardinals at University of Phoenix http://www.packersauthenticofficialshop.com/JORDY_NELSON_SUPER_BOWL_JERSEY.html Stadium.(Photo: Mark J. Rebilas, USA TODAY Sports)


Story HighlightsRichard Sherman and Darrelle Revis complimented each other during pre game press conferencesThe two cornerbacks exchanged insults over social media in the offseasonTampa Bay coach Greg Schiano this week defended the way the Bucs have used RevisRENTON, Wash. Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis must have used up all their best trash talking on Twitter.


The star cornerbacks will get a chance Sunday to settle their who is the best cornerback feud when their teams play in Seattle. Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl Jersey Until then, they swapped pleasantries in their Thursday press conferences quite a change from their offseason social media battle.


Back in February, Sherman used his 2012 statistics to back up his claim that he's the NFL's best cornerback, a title that Revis had arguably held for years. Back and forth they went, exchanging barbs and veiled insults.


WEEK 9: Staff predictions


QBS: Wilson has no grudge with Glennon


"No regrets about anything," Sherman said Thursday. "He's a good player, and he's having a good year."


Revis, at his own media session in played nice, even calling Sherman, "A great player in this league," according to the Tampa Bay Times.


Sherman has the numbers, both individually and as a team, on his side now, with four interceptions and 11 pass breakups in eight games for the 7 1 Seahawks. Revis has one interception and six pass breakups for the winless Buccaneers.




STORY LINES: Top five to watch for


Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano this week defended the way the Bucs have used Revis playing more zone coverage instead of press and man Clay Matthews Super Bowl XLIX Jersey to man coverage, how Revis excelled for years with the New York Jets.


Sherman could understand if Revis is frustrated.


"I think he's much better when he's man Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl XLIX Jersey to man. I think any corner that has any pride about himself wants to be in man to man situations," Sherman Clay Matthews Super Bowl Jersey said. "You can't packersauthenticofficialshop.com/EDDIE_LACY_SUPER_BOWL_JERSEY.html help how you're being used."

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Patterson hoops star Aquille Carr taken in third round 2015-Jan-21

Patterson hoops star Aquille Carr taken in third round of NBA D


The Delaware 87ers selected former Baltimore prep basketball phenom Aquille Carr in the third round (No. 43 overall) of the NBA Development League Draft on Friday night, bringing the onetime blue chip recruit globe trotting basketball odyssey to a halt. For now, at least.


Carr Jordy Nelson Super Bowl XLIX Jersey last played during a barnstorming tour of China this summer alongside former NBA star Tracy McGrady and league champion Jason Williams. After averaging about 15 points Eddie Lacy Super Bowl 49 Jersey and nine assists, Carr was offered a contract by a Chinese Basketball Association team, his agent, Johnny Foster, said. But Carr, who has an infant daughter, chose to return stateside, less than a year after announcing that he would play professionally in Europe.


The tall tales about the 5 foot 6 dynamo are well rehearsed. Carr averaged 25 points his freshman year at Patterson, then averaged 32 per game and was named All Metro Player of the Year as a sophomore. He won a state title packersauthenticofficialshop.com/CLAY_MATTHEWS_SUPER_BOWL_JERSEY.html and committed to play at Seton Hall in his next, and final, season in East Baltimore.


The 87ers, for intance, were the Utah Eddie Lacy Super Bowl XLIX Jersey Flash until this year. They play in Delaware men basketball arena. Their roster includes some players you may know Sean Williams (Boston College), Jerome Dyson (Connecticut) and Jordy Nelson Super Bowl Jersey others you may not Chris Cooper (Old Dominion), Josh Akognon (Cal State http://www.packersauthenticofficialshop.com/AARON_RODGERS_SUPER_BOWL_JERSEY.html Fullerton). Carr is now a teammate, for better or for worse.

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Government shutdown ends North Carolina WIC 2015-Jan-21

Government shutdown ends North Carolina WIC benefits


North Carolina Department Vontae Davis Super Bowl Jersey of Health and Human Services officials said Tuesday that because of the federal government shutdown, they will have to stop issuing benefits under the federal Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children Program, also known as WIC.


DHHS said federal WIC funds available to Pat McAfee Super Bowl Jersey the state www.coltsofficialnflprostore.com/TY_HILTON_SUPER_BOWL_JERSEY.html will be sufficient to cover WIC vouchers already issued for the month of October, but not sufficient to issue additional vouchers.


WIC clients should keep their nutrition appointments and continue redeeming October vouchers and WIC vendors should continue normal operations to accept existing vouchers. The Department will continue to monitor the daily availability of federal funds and will announce changes if they become necessary.


"Some of our most vulnerable citizens, pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants www.coltsofficialnflprostore.com/ANDREW_LUCK_SUPER_BOWL_JERSEY.html and young children, will Pat McAfee Super Bowl 49 Jersey be affected by the interruption of WIC services due to the federal shutdown," said DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos in a news release.


DHHS encourages Vontae Davis Super Bowl 49 Jersey families impacted by this change to apply for North Carolina's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (also known as food stamps). Local WIC staff may also refer clients to food banks and pantries in their communities.


The WIC Program has an annual budget of $205 million and is 100 percent federally funded. September, the program provided supplemental food, health care referrals and nutrition education for almost 264,000 women, infants and young children in North Carolina.

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Nottingham Features2015-Jan-21

Nottingham Features


Dennis Adelaide South Australia


left Nottingham in 1958 must say it was the best thing I ever did,came back for a visit in 1996 and found it was not the Nottingham I used to know in fact England had changed so much although still many beautifull spots and scenery around, so different to the magnificent scenery that Aus. as to offer. drive from a magnificent beach and 15 mins. drive from about 30 wineries so have the best of both worlds. hope all you citizens can get Nottingham back to the good old days but I am afraid their his to much racial strife a thing that his creeping in world wide, the ashes are going to be a great series after England's narrow 2 run win, looking forward to seeing trent bridge on the tv again. I'd move back tomorrow if I could.


Nottingham,yes all those wounderful things that we miss, but they are all the memories we miss from our youth. Today Nottingham is not the city it was, the EU and government have alot to answer for in the way many inner cites have become http://www.coltsofficialnflprostore.com/PAT_MCAFEE_SUPER_BOWL_JERSEY.html areas of fear and why so many people leave for distant shores in the hope of giving our own children a more secure future. Australia is where we have chosen to live, but Nottingham my home is confined to my memories,but we miss family and friends,Tavern in the town,the Rig and would love to have a beef curry from the Willow House takeaway in Sherwood. For one reason crime is a cancer that has spread with no cure in sight. The Old Market Square used to be safe place to meet up with friends on a weekend evening. Even that hasn't escaped the crime disease. I'm still proud to be a Nottinghamian. In July I will marry a fish biologist while on holiday in Alaska. We visit Mansfield, Notts on average each2/3years to keep the family bonds/ties/memories. My family also returns these visits; We are truly fortunate to be able to do this I know, so emigration has been as relatively painful as possible. Miss my friends although i am still in contact with the best even after 25 years. grew up in Clifton anyone remember the Spinney on Sturgeon Ave. miss the fact that my kids dont realize that a building being 100 years old is old. and have no idea what meeting a boyfriend at the right lion is all about. shopping for shoes on a sat in with my friends pub cralls and pretending we were form anywhere but Clifton. ha. ruddington maybe where i used to take my bike to get fixed. Conductors on the bus. how long have i been away. Like Robin Hood I also fell into the River Leen, I couldn't even find it on my last visit. Goose Fair is still looking good (I am a Andrew Luck Super Bowl XLIX Jersey big kid at heart). I miss summer sundays on Woolaton Park or Highfields Park or the castle grounds, the nott's countryside incuding the country pubs like the Ferry Inn at Wilford, the Victoria Embankment on a balmy summer evening, greyhound racing at Colwick. Regards to all.


The plough at Cropwell Butler, nice pint, the Checkers at Cropwell Bishop, nice pint and nice company, Ben and Andy. My family and friends all living in Notts, Mum and www.coltsofficialnflprostore.com/VONTAE_DAVIS_SUPER_BOWL_JERSEY.html Dad and Sister and Nieces all Andrew Luck Super Bowl 49 Jersey Kennards, my Friends from Trent Poly Simon Mark, A mild kebab from the Victoria kebab house on Mansfield road, (mild my arse) fish and chips from anywhere in nottingham, the blue circle in arnold springs to mind, Trattoria Antonio on Trent Bridge, awesome steak filleto casanova. fishing at the square and compass in Darly Dale (I know I know its not Nottingham) fly fishing trancends T.Y. Hilton Super Bowl XLIX Jersey borders.


It's a shame some people chose to write derogatory and rude comments regarding some of the sentiments of others quoted here. There are many reasons that some proud Nottinghamians live elsewhere in the world. I thought I would miss big things about being in my beloved city. I was wrong. I too miss many sounds, smells, occasions, and some foods. It's those things that one doesn't seem to be able to recreate in a new location. They are the things that many of us associate with childhood memories and a feeling of comfort. I hold my head high as a Nottingham lass and always shall.


Just found this website and its nice to see what other people miss although i don't agree with Tony (Cambodia) about every one being shallow, i had a fantastic child hood great parents and friends and even enjoyed my work and i miss every bit of it. Yes there is crime and people causing trouble, but you dont have to be a part of all that. Oh and Tony people don't always move away from a place because they dislike it, a job, relationship, or even just an adventure could be the reason(s) too.


Tina John Taylor Maine, USA (A Grove Rd , Lent


I miss going to sleep by with the sounds of passing trains and traffic on Abbey Bridge. I miss hearing people walking home after the pub closed on the weekends 'G'night Merv' , 'Night Doll', 'Tarrar Sheila'. I miss the smell of the evening ai, I miss fruit salads,black jacks and dandelion and burdock, I miss my Grandmothers cooking and sliding down 'Sandy Banks' on a piece of cardboard. I miss grabbing some chips and going for midnight walks with my Dad. I miss the Lido and Goose Fair (Did we really want all those coconuts?) I miss Lenton rec, papershops, I miss the friendly man at Canon Circus that use to engrave grave stones and wave to me on my way to school. I'll always miss it, I'll always Love it.


Family and friends. I drool for Pork Farms pork pies,sausage,haselet and bacon. Piping hot Christmas dinner with nobby greens. Carol singers and Christmas decorations in town. Everywhere in Bulwell and Basford, the markets,Home brewery bitter.


Dominique Vincenzi now in Australia


I miss my youth and it just happens that I spent it in Nottingham. I miss the nightclubs, especially Madisons and the Black orchid. I miss the Baltimore Diner. I miss the canal behind the diner I used to canoe up and down there. Swiss Cottage for T.Y. Hilton Super Bowl 49 Jersey tea.

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Feasting With Panthers2015-Jan-21

Feasting With Panthers


The eyes are strangely small and look a bitdead. wholesale jerseys Again like I mentioned in my initial post, I think that's to do with the alien/cold feel that tends to come from these kind of representations. I Googled other 'reconstructions' of historical figures and certainly not all of them (there are some very flattering ones) but some of cheap nfl jerseys them look a bit cold and eerie. Again, just very inhuman and dead in the eyes, the texture of the skin looking 'off' somehow.


I think you bring up wholesale nfl jerseys some great points about there being a heavy element in choice though, making this more a depiction than a reconstruction. I also think that ipercalisss made a good point concerning the eye color!


Here's the thing for me I should've been more forthright in my original post about exactly what I meant. In my post, I wasn't referring to this depiction's accuracy or lack thereof. I was talking aesthetics. Looking at some of the news websites reporting this and the comments on those articles, I'll be blunt and say that people are basically saying wow Robespierre's ugly, wow what a monster, ew.


Hypothetically speaking, let's say this is what Robespierre looked like. I understand we can basically say that's impossible considering the facts of cheap nfl jerseys the death mask, but just hypothetically let's say this is what Robespierre really looked like. My post was trying to say (but I think it failed to convey this haha!) that I'm not bothered by that, that I wouldn't be bothered by that. I'm sure there's a debate to be had about the element of artistic license and choice in the more 'unflattering' aspects of the image we've been discussing, I absolutely think that's valid and interesting, but that wasn't specifically what I cheap jerseys was trying to get at in my original post.


Strictly speaking I'm talking about Robespierre's (supposed!) physical appearance, and how his level of or lack of attractiveness doesn't bother me.


You can read a whole book about the nuts and bolts of it: Forbidden Friendships: homosexuality and Male Culture in Renaissance Florence.

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